Christopher 'Dudus' Coke Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding, in a mood of atonement, announced Monday night that the US extradition request for alleged drug dealer

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7 Responses to “Jamaica Government Relents on Extradition Fight”

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  2. Rugs Avatar

    Relent? That is a very polished way of putting it. No vaseline!

  3. Oliver Hunter Avatar
    Oliver Hunter

    Great soap opera type presentation by Mr. Golding. Of course this is real life and decency demands that we are not frustrated by having to see Golding’s lips move but our mind set to the default status of – He’s lying again!

  4. Richard G. Williams Avatar
    Richard G. Williams

    It’s a start and what WE needed to hear. As the PM and the JLP was going down for the count and had no choice but to relent and clean house, WE must not invoke a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure, but WE must give him and our JLP and PNP parliamentarians our support to make REAL CHANGE.

    The changes our PM proposed are sound; should stimulate REAL CHANGE; and are what many have been requesting for decades. I strongly recommend adding the following:

    (a) Deeply entrenching our Fundamental Rights and Freedoms to promote “True Respect for All” and prevent autocratic, dictatorial, and totalitarian oppression (i.e., changeable only by a referendum or 4/5 approval vote of both houses).

    (b) Direct election of Senators to give them the independence to better act as a review chamber and not a rubber stamp due to the ruling party’s automatic majority of appointees (i.e., 2 Senators per parish).

  5. Oliver Hunter Avatar
    Oliver Hunter

    @ Richard Williams – The charter of rights bill presently before parliament does not advance the rights of citizens of Jamaica one inch. Giving a deceptive snake a chance only delays the timing of his next attack on you – it doesn’t prevent it.

  6. Richard G. Williams Avatar
    Richard G. Williams

    Oliver – I did not write about the charter of rights bill presently before parliament. I too have my concerns as it may have been copied from other documents without analysis. However, whether it advances the rights of citizens of JA or not, is not my point.

    My point is that whether WE choose that constitutional amendment proposal or mine (that was submitted to the Joint Select Committee of the Houses of Parliament in the 1980’s, publish in the newspapers, and read over a major radio station) we need to “deeply entrench” our rights to prevent a derelict government from easily taken away what little rights we have with a simple majority vote or an executive order.

    Whenever an article in a constitution is said to be deeply entrenched, only a four-fifths (4/5) vote (a supra majority) of the House and Senate, or the majority vote of the people in a referendum, can change our rights. As it currently stands, our rights can be easily and legally be taken away from us by a few. Our constitution does have some checks, but they are weak, and usurp power away from the People to parliament.

    The inability to readily prosecute the extrajudicial killings by so-called peace officers stems from this problem. We inherited this problem from our colonial past as a way to protect the plantation class’ interest and to suppress our people. It allows brutality on our citizens (e.g., police kicking down doors and shooting first; never being convicted as they were on their job and have qualified immunity from prosecution.

    The deceptive snake has been exposed and it now knows that WE are no longer immature or ignorant. When Bra Tiger became privy to Bra Anancy’s tricks, they had no choice but to work together to cross the river, as individually, they would fail.

  7. Oliver Hunter Avatar
    Oliver Hunter

    There was no usurping of power from the people to parliament.

    The constitution gave the people no power to begin with , it gave it to parliament.

    Its good to know you have faith in reptiles – I prefer to get rid of them.