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  • Afghanistan: fantasies, fears, foibles and facts

    Afghanistan: fantasies, fears, foibles and facts

    In their reportage on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Western media of record are doing a disservice to their roles as crafters of the first draft of history. Rather than straight reporting on the disastrous situation as it unfolds, the news consuming public is being fed reams from the point of view of what…

  • Come on Naomi! You Can Do It

    Come on Naomi! You Can Do It

    It’s very sad the situation that led to the brightest women’s tennis star since the Williams sisters thinking it necessary to withdraw from the French Open. Naomi Osaka says she has suffered bouts of depression since she won her first slam, at New York in 2018 and her interaction with the media during a tournament…

  • The perfect storm: The confluence of logistics, immigration and covid-19

    The perfect storm: The confluence of logistics, immigration and covid-19

    Sangeeta from Punjab is working the one p.m. to 10 p.m. shift in a large Mississauga, Ontario warehouse. She is one of the 200 people from her region on the shift, many working cheek by jowl, unpacking and packing dusty cartons, while standing or stooping and only sitting during their half hour paid lunch break…

  • The Media Made Me Not Do Right

    The spirit of the times is that all media are to be mistrusted and distrusted, so much so that people ignore warnings to move out Continue reading

  • Nina Remembered

    As we come to the end of another Black History/Reggae Month, we feature Eunice Kathleen Waymon ( Nina Simone) who was an accomplished piano and Continue reading

  • Television in Jamaica … ha

    In 1962, when Jamaica celebrated its Independence, there was no television station to capture it. JBC, the Jamaica Broadcast Corporation was established in 1963. JBC Continue reading

  • Javad Jaghai: Jamaican Gay Rights Pawn

    Let me begin with the obvious: There is no Jamaican gay rights organisation. There are organisations designed and funded by interests in the United States Continue reading

  • The Murder of Mario Deane

    If you are seeking to give excuses or find explanations for the killing of Mario Deane in police custody in the Jamaica tourist resort city of Continue reading

  • Cricket Below Parr

    Jack Parr was the first host of the ground-breaking, late-night television programme known as ‘The Tonight Show’ later made even more popular by Johnny Carson Continue reading

  • Reparations Campaign Distracts From Challenges Facing the Caribbean

    On July 16th Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Principal of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill campus in Barbados, spoke to the House Continue reading