Homeless campers in Toronto
omeless campers in Toronto


If there were any doubt about the value of Web marketing and advertising, the 2008 US presidential campaign would have put them to rest. The Obama campaign especially, demonstrated how the skillful combination of advertising and social networking can be used to spread the word and call to action.

There are exciting advertising opportunities available with Abeng News Magazine. We are a global electronic publication with a Caribbean focus, that targets a community of discerning readers on every continent. With an international writing team, our variety of feature reportage, analyses and opinions attract an equally diverse readership who discriminate on quality.

Our weekly on-line publication showcases features, news analysis, commentary and the arts from a global network of correspondents, with a decidedly Caribbean/Jamaican flavor. Jamaica alone boasts a dispersed population outside its borders, of approximately 2.7 million who constantly seek the Caribbean connection, their assimilation into their adopted communities notwithstanding. Abeng News is tapping into this market, but also attracts the non-Caribbean national in search of the flavour of the region.

Abeng News has a strong appeal to an audience from the middle income, tertiary level-educated market, age 35 and over, with powerful purchasing power. If you are looking for a great way to gain additional exposure for your company or product, please allow us to align your ad with related content for maximum effect, pinpointing a very specific target audience. Organizing our articles by category enables us to fine tune the categories as well as attract a readership that is interested in a very specific set of information.


There are many options to choose from. These range from ad location within stories, sections of or across the entire site. There are also options on ad sizes and types, from static or animated images through, Flash animations and videos to the familiar text-style ads.

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