“If I have to pay a political price for it, I am going to uphold a position that constitutional rights do not begin at Liguanea.”

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2 Responses to “Get up stand up, stand up for your rights”

  1. Trevor Dawes Avatar
    Trevor Dawes

    You claimed in your column that Bruce Golding ‘has become a masterful political act …’ but I beg to differ. Bruce Golding has not become a masterful political act but rather a political liability. This is political theatre and grandstanding on a big scale and the only part of the audience finding it masterful are those nativists and jingoists. Bruce rebuffing US attempts to have Coke extradited would have a sense of authenticity to it if he had demonstrated that same gumption in prior extradition requests. What we have here is Bruce being Bruce – quick to criticise those who would question his motives but, who as PM, has failed to display and demonstrate the seeming leadership in confronting the local issues bedeviling Jamaica.

    With regard to refusing to extradite Coke because of violation of Jamaican law with regard to recording him without his consent, why do folks believe that the US had someone bug Coke’s phone? If what the Observer reported last week is anything to go by, any number of the co-conspirators who fingered Mr. Coke were likely recorded talking to him. American judges, especially federal ones, were never going to authorise bugging Mr. Coke’s phone in Ja. but would OK bugging those of his alleged co-conspirators in the US.

    In the 1970s, many folks considered Michael Manley a masterful political act and what happened to Jamaica as a result? Today you and others are considering Bruce Golding a masterful political act and how has and is Jamaica benefiting? For 8+ yrs Manley had the chance to reflect on his rule in the 70s and got something akin to religion when he became PM in the late 80s. For 18+ yrs Bruce has had a chance to get religion and what has he been doing that is so masterful?

  2. Oliver Hunter Avatar
    Oliver Hunter

    Bruce Golding cares about fundamental rights as much as Michael Vick cares about dogs.
    The way for a leader of a country to protect rights is to strengthen the judiciary, financially and legislatively and then get out of the way and let them do their work.
    Mr. Golding’s stance for “rights of the jamaican people” is not a general one but rather limited to himself and the other members of the cult headquartered at Belmont Road, Kingston.